Mechanical Engineer | 机械工程师 MIT BS '18 MS '20

Mechanical Engineer | 机械工程师 MIT BS '18 MS '20

  •  Interests: machine design, heavy industry, renewable energy, medical devices | 感兴趣的领域:机械设计,重工业,再生能源, 医疗设备


  •  Interests: machine design, heavy industry, renewable energy, medical devices | 感兴趣的领域:机械设计,重工业,再生能源, 医疗设备

Projects | 项目


SOS Carbon

A vessel to intercept and sink invasive sargassum seaweed in Caribbean.


*This project is ongoing and details cannot be shared at this time.


Cable Train

A train that manufactures HVDC cable in-situ.


Publication | 出版物:

"Cable Train: In-Situ Manufacturing of Trackside Underground Cable HVDC Transmission Systems" L. Gray, Q. Du, A. Slocum, CIGRE US National Committee 2018 Grid of the Future Symposium (October, 2018)


Mechanical Radiotherapy Phantom

Precision mechanical device for QA  of radiotherapy treatment plans.


Publication | 出版物:

"Design of a Reconfigurable Quality Assurance Phantom for Verifying the Spatial Accuracy of Radiosurgery Treatments for Multiple Brain Metastases" A. Cobi, L. Gray, E. Mittmann, S. Link, N. Hanumara, Y. Lyatskaya, E. Roche, A. Slocum, P. Zygmanski, ASME Journal of Medical Devices (December, 2019)


Measuring optical properties of molten salts

Apparatus for measuring optical properties of molten salts.


Publications | 出版物:

"Optical properties of high temperature molten salt mixtures for volumetrically absorbing solar thermal receiver applications" M. Tetreault-Friend, L. Gray, S. Berdibek, T. McKrell, A. Slocum, Solar Energy (May, 2017)

"A floating modular cover for high temperature open-tank molten salt solarthermal volumetric receivers" M. Tetreault-Friend, M. Diago, T. Cooper, L. Gray, A. Slocum, Solar Energy (October, 2018)


energy deficit associated w/ lane # in track & field

Project attempted to quantify the energy deficit associated with lane assignment in the 200m and 400m events in Track and Field. There has yet to be a sufficiently technical study, which measures the physical effects of lane assignment at appreciable speeds. The goal of this project was to determine the relationship between the curvature of different lanes and the force and body lean required to maintain running speed. The results of this project show that at a speed of 9.0 m/s the body lean and average force application of the subject varied by 6.34° and 76.3 N, respectively, from Lane 1 to 6, and this difference is positively correlated with running speed. These results call for further investigation and consideration of systemic changes to the sport of Track and Field. 



Summer program in Bangkok, Thailand and under the umbrella of Professor Dr. Her Royal Highness Princess Chulabhorn Mahidol's Laboratory of Natural Products. I learned column chromatography, high performance liquid chromatography (HPLC), nuclear magnetic resonance (NMR; 1H & 13C), fluorescence microscopy, gel electrophoresis, and developed a flow cytometry method for detecting insulin sensitivity. We used this method to confirm the efficacy of an extract from Gynostemma Pentaphyllum (GP), a component of a popular Ginseng tea, on insulin signaling in human HepG2 cells. 


Wunsch Silent Hoist and Crane Award for Excellence in Graduate Research (Mit, 2018)

Carl g. sontheimer prize for creativity and innovation in design (MIT, 2019)