Articles about Luke Gray

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Artist's Books by Luke Gray

NeoGenesis, 1995, 662 Driggs Editions, Brooklyn, NY

Alien Space Invaders' Book of Days, 1994, Black Dog Editions, NYC

Recent Observations, 1993, Black Dog Editions, NYC

Invisible Culture, 1993, Black Dog Editions, NYC

Musee Picasso, 1992, Black Dog Editions, NYC

All books distributed by Printed Matter at DIA, NY



"Luke Gray, SpaceCollector Paintings, May 7-June 6, 1998", published by Luke Gray and Snyder Fine Art, 24 pp. with 8 color plates.

"Luke Gray, Deep Skin and Strokeworld Paintings, November 15-December 11, 2010", David Richard Gallery, Santa Fe, NM
view online


"TransMission 1998", a 25 minute video documentary of the TransMission 1998 project, shot by filmmaker Eric McGinty, produced by Orna Shulman and Gary Snyder, coordinated by Anna Sang Park, NYC, 1998.